So many ideas….so little,

Time.  I mean motivation.  There are so many things I want to do and “blog” my way through it if I get motivation.  I’ve got the time, if I manage it wisely, I have enough time to do a lot of little extras.  Some of these ideas I want to blog about are:

1.)  Monday Meal challenge.  So far that has actually been going good!

2.) Purge and organize a room at a time using this book as my guide.  I read through the ebook quickly and gave me so much motivation to think about making progress.  I just want to share my progress on the blog to keep me moving through the house.  Purging and organizing are one of my favorite things to do, until its not my favorite thing to do.

3.)  Work my way through this e-book with the boys and blog about our experiences.  We have a whole new neighborhood and teachers and students at a new school.  What better way to try and meet and serve some people.  Problem with this one is, it makes me lead through this project and that takes me stretching so far out of my comfort zone I’d rather curl up on my couch and watch sprout channel with the boys.

4.)  Work on our new fall routine.  With this comes planning out a new chore list and morning/daily routine and individual rules, things to work on and rewards for each of our boys.  Last year we added some family outings and prayer nights which worked great.  I’d like to expand these ideas for our family with this too. 

5.)  Walking…I’m so craving walking.  By our new house is the praire path!  This makes me jump for joy cause I used to be a “runner”  a real runner.  This path has lots of people on it and miles already marked out for you.  I so want to sign up for my first 5K in way too long to mention this spring (it seems like a long time away, I know) and this path is my motivator.  But first I just need to be able to walk a mile.

6.)  E-book.  I totally want to write an e-book, lol.  I have NO idea what kind of content would be in this book, but I think it would be such a fun thing to try and learn how to do.  Now, if I could only think of something to write about.

7.)  I’ve got list of books a mile long I want to get to.  Somehow I have to track them down at a library or book swap and then…READ!

8.)  Oh yes, there is one more thing.  In our “new” house, all the walls are bare and it isn’t decorated very well.  In addition to all the things we have on the want/repair list, I’d like to paint some rooms and figure out a way to do some inexpensive decorating.  Feels so overwheming though, especially since I don’t really consider myself creative.  My idea of creative is going to hobby lobby and spray painting a plain piece of wood and hanging it on the wall.  Truely,  I’d love to make our house feel like our home!

Is this enough?  My head has so many ideas, but I’m having a hard time following through on anything.  I always have enough things to do to keep me so busy, just doing is where I’d like some improvement on.

Thanks for reading my list, what kind of ideas do you have swirling?

A break from the routine

An awesome morning:

Leisurely wake up, relax in my bed.  Maybe pick up a book, maybe not.  Head directly to the shower for a warm, relaxing, uninterrupted shower.  Get dressed.  Actually blow dry my hair (!) and apply lip gloss and blush.  Ahhh…relaxing.  Then go downstairs for a leisurely bowl of cereal in which I don’t have to share.  I am ready to start the day.

That’s not what my mornings are like, though.  My husband is long gone for work by the time my boys or I even are wrestling awake in the morning.  So..the morning kiddo routine is my morning routine…everyday.  Get dressed, brush teeth, comb hair, make beds, breakfast…etc. 

I love it, except, I treasure the morning I get a break from it.  Not responsible for anyone else, but myself for an hour and half.  I recently just got one of those leisure mornings and I had to blog about it cause I just want to remember it. 

That is it.  a pointless post 😉

Monday Menu Challenge

I decided to try a new recipe each week.  Monday isn’t necessary important to this challenge, I just figured I usually have ingredients, and time and energy on Monday nights. 

So what will make a recipe a “Keeper”.  I don’t really know, but here a couple of things that I’ll take into strong consideration:

1.)  How much time does it take?  It will more likely be a keeper if its a “quick”.  No need to slave for a couple hours, huh?

2.) Ingredients that I have on hand vs. exotic or unfamiliar ingredients to our house.

3.)  Nutrition:  I am super interested in recipes that provide some nutrients to our bodies because its an area I’m always looking to improve in.

4.) Taste, of course. 

Week 1 challenge ended in a thumbs down.  I found the recipe, Smoky Turkey Shepard Pie in a Rachel Ray cookbook.  I’ve heard of  shepard pie, but never actually had it before.  It failed in all my areas except nutrition.  It was good, but not for the time and effort it took. 

I’ll try again next week.  My goal here is to become more comfortable cooking and add some more regular meals into our recipe binder.

I forgot a picture of the final product, hopefully I learn as I get back into this blogging routine. I did take this while I was cooking it. 

Cut up veggies!

Look at all the colors!  It did have lots of nutrients and kind of pretty but did I mention it took too darn long.  I’ll try again this week.

Missing my blog so much!

I have missed blogging so much.  I am coming back…but for now a couple pics from our summer.  Plus a picture of our biggest change since I’ve blogged.

I’ll be back, soon!!


After a morning of crazy;  headed out the door to get to Michael’s so the kids could spend the money they received in the mail.  With them knowing full well they will give .50 to their piggy banks and .50 to church with $4 left to splurge on a toy.  Dillon shops around for his perfect treasure only to find something he doesn’t have enough money for.  The disappointment fills his heart as I want so badly to cover the rest of it.  I know I shouldn’t as I try to show him a different animal he may want for his collection.  He finally decides on a parrot for his rain forest and I’m walking out the door knowing every day we experience lessons from life.  I feel proud and happy watching Dillon clutch onto his new toy he purchased for himself.

Off to grab some groceries.  I’m tired from being awoken through the night by Brayden, who came down with a temperature and my brain has had a hard time turning “off” lately at night.  I press on through the aisles with the guys filling their toddler size carts with my groceries.  Groceries in which I did not prepare a list for, not come prepared to find the sale prices or with any coupons.  I am reminded that I need to give myself a break every once in while with my own frugality.  It takes a lot of planning to pull off a good grocery trip, planning I just haven’t been able to get around to lately.

On to do a return at Toys R Us.  Of course, we can’t go to that store with out seeing the train aisle.  We’ve seen it hundreds of times.  They even say the same things, but we still do it…again.  By this time, we need to hit the restroom which is a 20 minute process in and of itself with a 2 year old.  It is also past lunch time, past nap time and we are all thirsty.  As we leave this store, I am reminded how the virtue of patience is my most prayed for virtue as a mom of toddlers.  Loads and loads of patience, heaped down upon my head so I can teach and love more effectively.

On to the library to return overdue library books and overdue movies.  I am reminded that things will always slip through the cracks.  Even if it comes at a cost to me.  Even when I don’t like it and I forgive myself, yet again for letting this one slip.

After these few stops, I’m reminded that every day is filled with the extreme ordinary things of life. 

Last stop, the doctor, in which Dillon needs to get his stitches removed.  While I’m already there, I decided to have her check Brayden out with his 102 fever.  I am certain if I don’t do it today, I’ll be bringing him back tomorrow.  Our families health is something I never take for granted.  It is the best gift of all.

We return home, tired.  But lunch needs to be served.  My growing boys don’t do well without their bellies being full.  I try my hardest to put together something with nutrients, but I’m not sure I succeeded.  Finally, these boys are shuffled to their beds for a nap…2 hours later than their normal schedule.

In the very quiet room, I sit down in my favorite spot, with my favorite blanket and put my feet up on the coffee table, I start to pray.  There is so much to prayed about/for and there are so many people to pray for.  All of a sudden I am hit with an overwhelming feeling.  I just feel so


Lucky to have so much love in my life and ordinary moments to experience.  How I don’t want to be rushing through all these days of my life because these moments are precious to me.  How I don’t want to be tired and asleep at the wheel of life.  This week, I heard that “life is not an emergency”. 

I want to whisper it to myself day after day as a reminder.

Packing up, moving on, new chapter!


If you know me or followed this blog for any amount of time, you probably know we’ve been trying to sell our home.  It has been a grueling process.  One that has brought more tears to my eyes than I’d like to recall and some low emotional days and lots of discouragement.  Without many details we were stuck between a rock and a hard place and I could not see the rainbow or a way to move forward to our goal.     

Then a door was opened.  It is a scary one for me, but an open door, nonetheless, and we are running out of it.  Renters it will be.  It was pretty clear from the first day we put an ad out for a renter this was “our path”.  It was one I was adamant against, but what do I know anyways? 

I’m sure in a few years, I’ll be able to gleam the fullness of this situation and all the lessons of it (because I’m sure its not over).  I hope to be able to write about it when I do,  but for now, I’m happy to say, we have a new problem. 

We are homeless. 

These problems, they never end. Do they?

Gratituesday-It’s called F-U-N!

The great “stay-cation” of 2011 = Fun!

If you don’t count that I forgot:  swim diapers, flip flops, milk for breakfast, my jeans from the dryer, beach towels AND my camera (boo, what was I thinking??) it was such a fun 24 hours away.  Can you tell we were scrambling to get out the door by noon?

We got to head to a large indoor water park in the area, Key Lime Cove. Since I have no pictures to share, imagine this:  2 boys grinning from ear to ear as they walked into the hotel lobby and see a gigantic water park.  2 boys tirelessly splashing in the water, wave pool, and lazy river. 

1 brave boy heading down each flume slide with me or his dad and hitting the rest of the slides himself.  One little one with ice cream dripping down his cheeks and all over his face.  2 little boys laughing their heads off having no fun at all 😉 and lastly, 2 little boys completely wiped out, asleep in their car seats by the time we hit the highway.

I am thankful to create memories and experiences as a family. We were even luckily joined by other family members:)  The timing could not have been better,  take off from life and enjoy the 82 degree (fake) weather and splash around in our swimsuits.  It was a joy, plain and simple.

We left happy, refreshed, tired, smelling like chlorine and left with our token souvenir, a sea shell.  After all, we were in “Florida” 😉  Happy stay-cation!

Dream Room?

This pictures explains what this post is about:

Welcome to the 2nd edition of What is your dream ______?  Because I’ve got all- things- house on my brain, I’m choosing….what is your dream makeover room?

I’m probably like most everyone else who dreams of a stunning, updated, functional kitchen (with lots of cabinets)…or what about a clean, updated, functional bathroom, but those are too obvious.  A close third in my head; a laundry room!

Are you still here? 

Yeah, I said it.  I think I already admitted I actually enjoy (something about) laundry.  Not sure why though?  I also think its pretty clear I’m kind of “in to” systems and organization to streamline life.  Add those things together and you’ve got the room I’d LOVE to have updated. 

I can see sorters, baskets, cabinets and a wire rack. All complimented with a pretty rug, some counter space and a fold up ironing board (although, that wouldn’t really get used).  It would kind of  be like the picture above.  So efficient.

So, tell me, what room would you love to have re-done?

Have a great weekend, happy Friday!

Fast and Feast in Lent

Author Unknown:

Fast from words that pollute; feast on phrases that purify.

Fast from discontent; feast on gratitude.

Fast from anger; feast on patience.

Fast from pessimism; feast on optimism.

Fast from worry; feast on divine order.

Fast from complaining; feast on appreciation.

Fast from negatives; feast on affirmatives.

Fast from unrelenting pressures; feast on unceasing prayer.

Fast from hostility; feast on non-resistance.

Fast from bitterness; feast on forgiveness

Fast from self concern; feast on compassion for others.

Fast from personal anxiety; feast on eternal truth.

Fast from discouragements; feast on hope.

Fast from facts that depress; feast on verities that uplift.

Fast from lethargy; feast on enthusiasm.

Fast from thoughts that weaken; feast on promises that inspire.

Fast from the shadows of sorrow; feast on sunlight of serenity.

Fast from idle gossip; feast on purposeful silence.

Fast from problems that overwhelm; feast on prayer that undergirds.


One of my favorite seasons…its coming.

Convenient, Versatile, Practical & Cute.

This little box makes me happy. Yep, I’m talking about a box.

Many people really like Nordstroms, Tiffany’s and Black and White , but clearly they have never been to the Container Store 😉  I prefer a closet of clear plastic boxes to a closet full of shoes…or wait, maybe I’ll take both.

How do you not love it when all these itty bitty people find a home?

Check out all these itty bitty build your own city accessories fitting nicely in their new home!

I made up an excuse had to go to the office store for a very important supply and I just happened upon the storage aisle.  Funny how that worked out.  I found the cutest little boxes in sizes I have never seen before and I immediately thought of 2 things I could use them for.  (It took A LOT for me to walk out of there with only 2.) One of the reasons I immediately fell in love was because they came in all sorts of colors and sizes.  I landed on blue. Shocking, I know.  They are convenient, versatile practical and cute.  All my favorite words.

I also love this:

But that has nothing to do with this post 😉

Ok..Ok., I just wanted to share my new boxes.  Organization is one of my hobbies, can you tell?


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