Big Thanks

DIY Success…one room looks lived in, moved in to and precious. Thank you Dennis!

This took 3 days, a couple dollars (ahem) and the hard work and persistance of my husband to complete. What I think will take a couple hours ended up taking much more than that, but it is done. I am . . . → Read More: Big Thanks

A riddle for you to ponder

I’ve decided to post a riddle. My words are few and my energy is low. Not a great combination for a productive self.

Author: Anonymous

I am your constant companion I am your greatest helper or your heaviest burden I will push you onward or drag you down to failure I am at your command. . . . → Read More: A riddle for you to ponder

My First DIY

That is “Do It Yourself” for all of us not up with the lingo these days. My idea of a decorated house is a kit of shelves, mirrors, and frames packaged by Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased on sale with a coupon. I’m just not that talented at decorating and far less original. My . . . → Read More: My First DIY

Maybe I’m just emotional

Time for another reflection. Are you bored with those? This 3rd baby is coming. Whether I am ready or not. (the latter would be a more accurate description).

During this pregnancy I’ve experienced the gamut of emotions. From being completely over the moon excited, ignoring it all together, upset about going “back to the . . . → Read More: Maybe I’m just emotional

The best piece of advice

for this week?

Work on 1 thing that you’ve been procrastinating first thing in the morning.

Before you do anything else. If you do that once per day or even once in the entire week, you are very likely to get more done! Whether it be a phone call, an email, a . . . → Read More: The best piece of advice

The Snowball Effect

On Aug. 11th, 2011 I wrote this post chalk full of ideas/goals/things I’ve been meaning to get to. I had NO intention of actually getting to anything on this list. Seriously, the point of that post was to get them out of my head and down on paper. Actually, in the virtual world.

Guess what, . . . → Read More: The Snowball Effect

What I love about my J-O-B

I originally wrote this post long ago, but never published it. I had to publish it immediately cause it is so true. I no longer get those snuggles in bed, the kids are hard at work on their “morning routine” and getting ready for our new season of school days. Nor, will you hear them . . . → Read More: What I love about my J-O-B

“That day”…has come (a reflection)

But lets not be dramatic, ok? Its only kindergarten. Except… it’s kind-der-gar-ten. A big milestone in my world. I’m not sure I even have the words to articulate what is filling my heart this week.

I know just cause our boy is off to kindergarten, doesn’t make my job of parenting or mothering him . . . → Read More: “That day”…has come (a reflection)

Monday Menu Challenge, Week 2

Or is it 3? I don’t remember. I found this recipe out of an All You magazine and thought it was really good. It it going to be a keeper based on my criteria, however, I’ll probably make it a yummy weekend lunch or something rather than a dinner staple.

Did I mention it was . . . → Read More: Monday Menu Challenge, Week 2

Purge, purge and check off list.

Well, what do you know? I write a post of ideas swirling in my mind of things to get done and the very next day I get a flyer in my mail for a community garage sale. (one of my items on the list: purge and deep clean). Honestly, I didn’t know if I was . . . → Read More: Purge, purge and check off list.


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