My First DIY

That is “Do It Yourself” for all of us not up with the lingo these days.  My idea of a decorated house is a kit of shelves, mirrors, and frames packaged by Bed Bath and Beyond and purchased on sale with a coupon.  I’m just not that talented at decorating and far less original.  My style is pottery barn on a target budget.  At least I know that much.

However, I have been itching to have cute kiddo bedrooms.  You know the kind you see transformed before your eyes on tv.  The home makeover channels in which they turn drag, boring, bare kids room into themed, furnished masterpieces. 

Up first, the boys room.  My vision:  A half painted room of a darker blue on the bottom and lighter blue on top.  In the middle 3 skinny lines of a chocolate brown.  Room theme:  Team Hobein.  Sports themed personalized to the boys being a brother team.

Thinking out loud here:  Still need

  • 3 colors paint
  • Twin mattress
  • window treatment
  • Alpha letters

I hereby declare the month of October DIY projects month.  When I say “I”, I mean Dennis.  I’m no good at painting or hanging things or anything else it would take to pull this room together so let me work on getting him on board first.

Pictures of the work of art??  Maybe, we’ll see.

Next up, baby girls room.

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