Maybe I’m just emotional

Time for another reflection.  Are you bored with those?  This 3rd baby is coming.  Whether I am ready or not.  (the latter would be a more accurate description). 

During this pregnancy I’ve experienced the gamut of emotions.  From being completely over the moon excited, ignoring it all together, upset about going “back to the newborn age” (have i mentioned that I’ve had a taste of what life is like with some alone time and I’m loving it), to being anxious and fearful.  Its the ugly place I’m at right now about this change that is a-comin.

Some words of encouragment and wisdom that are helping me in my current emotion:

“Adding another child does not divide your love, it multiplies love in the family”

“God sends each baby with a loaf of bread under its arms”

I’m praying for the next emotion I experience to be peace.  Peace about the newbie, the remainder of the (uncomfortable) pregnancy, the delivery and the transition we’ll all adjust to, our new reality of being a family of 5. Whew!

Reflection over.  Thanks for reading.

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