What I love about my J-O-B

I originally wrote this post long ago, but never published it.  I had to publish it immediately cause it is so true.  I no longer get those snuggles in bed, the kids are hard at work on their “morning routine” and getting ready for our new season of school days. Nor, will you hear them call the train their dad rides a “choo-choo”.  Its either a commuter train or a freight train.  So official, things change fast!

Being home with growing ones can get monotonous.   This post series (whenever I feel like adding another one to it) as a reminder to me that although its not paid with dollars it’s my work and the good far outweighs the bad (for me).  

What I love about my J-O-B:

Snuggles.  Enough said.

But I will write more!  My favorite part of the days.  My little guys come in my bed in the morning after they wake up.  Their daddy is long gone on a “choo choo” ride as they will tell you.  We snuggle and hug and giggle and wake up.  It is an awesome part of being with them every day!

Throughout the day, whenever I want. I can hold them, hug them, tickle them, tease them and cuddle them.  Because I’m their mom and thats what I do.  They will never grow out of it.

I so love my J-O-B

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