“That day”…has come (a reflection)

But lets not be dramatic, ok?  Its only kindergarten.  Except… it’s kind-der-gar-ten.  A big milestone in my world.  I’m not sure I even have the words to articulate what is filling my heart this week. 

I know just cause our boy is off to kindergarten, doesn’t make my job of parenting or mothering him over by any means, but what I AM absolutely befuddled by is how fast we got here!  I mean, I blinked and here we are starting elementary school….elementary school.  Sigh.

I am so excited for him.  I am so excited for him to have new experiences, and explore areas of life that interest him.  I am happy to see his personality and his heart express themselves.  I am so stinking excited for the family time we will get to have.  Its a gift, a so very precious gift.  He will love school and academics..that is part of who he is.  Even though I am not sad, I am a little teary.  I’m sure that just doesn’t make sense.

But that is not all my heart has on it this week.  Our 3 year old will also be starting school this week!  3 year old preschool for my baby.  I don’t even think I had a chance to blink with this one.  I birthed him and he went to school, that is his story.

This baby could not be more excited about going to big boy school.  Everything he does is because he is a “big boy”.  I’m not sure he ever thought he was a baby.  He was.  Yep, my sweet, smiley, happy baby boy.

I’m a reflector.  Having my boys off to kindergarten and preschool makes me reflect on life since they have entered it.  It just makes me feel thankful for the years (even though its a little blury) and all that time I did get to dedicate to them, pour into them and love on them.  It fills this momma heart with great joy.

Go get them boys, we are so proud of the little people turning kids you are.  Bring on the new school “season” of life.  I am ready. Well, after I have a good cry. 

I’m hoping to get to blink at least twice before we get to other milestones such as jr. high, high school and for heaven’s sake it better be a good 10 blinks before college 😉

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