Monday Menu Challenge

I decided to try a new recipe each week.  Monday isn’t necessary important to this challenge, I just figured I usually have ingredients, and time and energy on Monday nights. 

So what will make a recipe a “Keeper”.  I don’t really know, but here a couple of things that I’ll take into strong consideration:

1.)  How much time does it take?  It will more likely be a keeper if its a “quick”.  No need to slave for a couple hours, huh?

2.) Ingredients that I have on hand vs. exotic or unfamiliar ingredients to our house.

3.)  Nutrition:  I am super interested in recipes that provide some nutrients to our bodies because its an area I’m always looking to improve in.

4.) Taste, of course. 

Week 1 challenge ended in a thumbs down.  I found the recipe, Smoky Turkey Shepard Pie in a Rachel Ray cookbook.  I’ve heard of  shepard pie, but never actually had it before.  It failed in all my areas except nutrition.  It was good, but not for the time and effort it took. 

I’ll try again next week.  My goal here is to become more comfortable cooking and add some more regular meals into our recipe binder.

I forgot a picture of the final product, hopefully I learn as I get back into this blogging routine. I did take this while I was cooking it. 

Cut up veggies!

Look at all the colors!  It did have lots of nutrients and kind of pretty but did I mention it took too darn long.  I’ll try again this week.

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