A break from the routine

An awesome morning:

Leisurely wake up, relax in my bed.  Maybe pick up a book, maybe not.  Head directly to the shower for a warm, relaxing, uninterrupted shower.  Get dressed.  Actually blow dry my hair (!) and apply lip gloss and blush.  Ahhh…relaxing.  Then go downstairs for a leisurely bowl of cereal in which I don’t have to share.  I am ready to start the day.

That’s not what my mornings are like, though.  My husband is long gone for work by the time my boys or I even are wrestling awake in the morning.  So..the morning kiddo routine is my morning routine…everyday.  Get dressed, brush teeth, comb hair, make beds, breakfast…etc. 

I love it, except, I treasure the morning I get a break from it.  Not responsible for anyone else, but myself for an hour and half.  I recently just got one of those leisure mornings and I had to blog about it cause I just want to remember it. 

That is it.  a pointless post 😉

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