After a morning of crazy;  headed out the door to get to Michael’s so the kids could spend the money they received in the mail.  With them knowing full well they will give .50 to their piggy banks and .50 to church with $4 left to splurge on a toy.  Dillon shops around for his perfect treasure only to find something he doesn’t have enough money for.  The disappointment fills his heart as I want so badly to cover the rest of it.  I know I shouldn’t as I try to show him a different animal he may want for his collection.  He finally decides on a parrot for his rain forest and I’m walking out the door knowing every day we experience lessons from life.  I feel proud and happy watching Dillon clutch onto his new toy he purchased for himself.

Off to grab some groceries.  I’m tired from being awoken through the night by Brayden, who came down with a temperature and my brain has had a hard time turning “off” lately at night.  I press on through the aisles with the guys filling their toddler size carts with my groceries.  Groceries in which I did not prepare a list for, not come prepared to find the sale prices or with any coupons.  I am reminded that I need to give myself a break every once in while with my own frugality.  It takes a lot of planning to pull off a good grocery trip, planning I just haven’t been able to get around to lately.

On to do a return at Toys R Us.  Of course, we can’t go to that store with out seeing the train aisle.  We’ve seen it hundreds of times.  They even say the same things, but we still do it…again.  By this time, we need to hit the restroom which is a 20 minute process in and of itself with a 2 year old.  It is also past lunch time, past nap time and we are all thirsty.  As we leave this store, I am reminded how the virtue of patience is my most prayed for virtue as a mom of toddlers.  Loads and loads of patience, heaped down upon my head so I can teach and love more effectively.

On to the library to return overdue library books and overdue movies.  I am reminded that things will always slip through the cracks.  Even if it comes at a cost to me.  Even when I don’t like it and I forgive myself, yet again for letting this one slip.

After these few stops, I’m reminded that every day is filled with the extreme ordinary things of life. 

Last stop, the doctor, in which Dillon needs to get his stitches removed.  While I’m already there, I decided to have her check Brayden out with his 102 fever.  I am certain if I don’t do it today, I’ll be bringing him back tomorrow.  Our families health is something I never take for granted.  It is the best gift of all.

We return home, tired.  But lunch needs to be served.  My growing boys don’t do well without their bellies being full.  I try my hardest to put together something with nutrients, but I’m not sure I succeeded.  Finally, these boys are shuffled to their beds for a nap…2 hours later than their normal schedule.

In the very quiet room, I sit down in my favorite spot, with my favorite blanket and put my feet up on the coffee table, I start to pray.  There is so much to prayed about/for and there are so many people to pray for.  All of a sudden I am hit with an overwhelming feeling.  I just feel so


Lucky to have so much love in my life and ordinary moments to experience.  How I don’t want to be rushing through all these days of my life because these moments are precious to me.  How I don’t want to be tired and asleep at the wheel of life.  This week, I heard that “life is not an emergency”. 

I want to whisper it to myself day after day as a reminder.

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