After a morning of crazy; headed out the door to get to Michael’s so the kids could spend the money they received in the mail. With them knowing full well they will give .50 to their piggy banks and .50 to church with $4 left to splurge on a toy. Dillon shops around for his . . . → Read More: LUCKY

Packing up, moving on, new chapter!


If you know me or followed this blog for any amount of time, you probably know we’ve been trying to sell our home. It has been a grueling process. One that has brought more tears to my eyes than I’d like to recall and some low emotional days and lots of discouragement. Without many . . . → Read More: Packing up, moving on, new chapter!

Gratituesday-It’s called F-U-N!

The great “stay-cation” of 2011 = Fun!

If you don’t count that I forgot: swim diapers, flip flops, milk for breakfast, my jeans from the dryer, beach towels AND my camera (boo, what was I thinking??) it was such a fun 24 hours away. Can you tell we were scrambling to get out the door . . . → Read More: Gratituesday-It’s called F-U-N!


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