Dream Room?

This pictures explains what this post is about:

Welcome to the 2nd edition of What is your dream ______?  Because I’ve got all- things- house on my brain, I’m choosing….what is your dream makeover room?

I’m probably like most everyone else who dreams of a stunning, updated, functional kitchen (with lots of cabinets)…or what about a clean, updated, functional bathroom, but those are too obvious.  A close third in my head; a laundry room!

Are you still here? 

Yeah, I said it.  I think I already admitted I actually enjoy (something about) laundry.  Not sure why though?  I also think its pretty clear I’m kind of “in to” systems and organization to streamline life.  Add those things together and you’ve got the room I’d LOVE to have updated. 

I can see sorters, baskets, cabinets and a wire rack. All complimented with a pretty rug, some counter space and a fold up ironing board (although, that wouldn’t really get used).  It would kind of  be like the picture above.  So efficient.

So, tell me, what room would you love to have re-done?

Have a great weekend, happy Friday!

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