Convenient, Versatile, Practical & Cute.

This little box makes me happy. Yep, I’m talking about a box.

Many people really like Nordstroms, Tiffany’s and Black and White , but clearly they have never been to the Container Store 😉  I prefer a closet of clear plastic boxes to a closet full of shoes…or wait, maybe I’ll take both.

How do you not love it when all these itty bitty people find a home?

Check out all these itty bitty build your own city accessories fitting nicely in their new home!

I made up an excuse had to go to the office store for a very important supply and I just happened upon the storage aisle.  Funny how that worked out.  I found the cutest little boxes in sizes I have never seen before and I immediately thought of 2 things I could use them for.  (It took A LOT for me to walk out of there with only 2.) One of the reasons I immediately fell in love was because they came in all sorts of colors and sizes.  I landed on blue. Shocking, I know.  They are convenient, versatile practical and cute.  All my favorite words.

I also love this:

But that has nothing to do with this post 😉

Ok..Ok., I just wanted to share my new boxes.  Organization is one of my hobbies, can you tell?

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