Dream Room?

This pictures explains what this post is about:

Welcome to the 2nd edition of What is your dream ______? Because I’ve got all- things- house on my brain, I’m choosing….what is your dream makeover room?

I’m probably like most everyone else who dreams of a stunning, updated, functional kitchen (with lots of cabinets)…or what . . . → Read More: Dream Room?

Fast and Feast in Lent

Author Unknown:

Fast from words that pollute; feast on phrases that purify.

Fast from discontent; feast on gratitude.

Fast from anger; feast on patience.

Fast from pessimism; feast on optimism.

Fast from worry; feast on divine order.

Fast from complaining; feast on appreciation.

Fast from negatives; feast on affirmatives.

Fast from unrelenting pressures; feast . . . → Read More: Fast and Feast in Lent

Convenient, Versatile, Practical & Cute.

This little box makes me happy. Yep, I’m talking about a box.

Many people really like Nordstroms, Tiffany’s and Black and White , but clearly they have never been to the Container Store 😉 I prefer a closet of clear plastic boxes to a closet full of shoes…or wait, maybe I’ll take both.

How . . . → Read More: Convenient, Versatile, Practical & Cute.

Be Encouraged.

The bummer of a word that keeps rearing its ugly head in this journey…discouraged. Why? Life can just be plain discouraging, can’t it? I’m sure I don’t need to list all the reasons why, but here are some that could be relevant to you and me: physical limitations, emotional baggage, enormous responsibilities, . . . → Read More: Be Encouraged.

It was way too cool…

To not post about it, the Blizzard of 2011!

Here are some pics: That don’t do it justice

Here are some tidbits that I will always remember

State of IL claimed to be in a state of emergency Lake shore drive got shut down…shut down! Snow drifts of 5 to 6 ft. high . . . → Read More: It was way too cool…

Systems… that actually work

Sweet! Finally! Thank Goodness! Yes! Hip Hip Hooray!

All things that are said when you find a “system” that you can use AND it actually works.

Here is the biggest thing I’ve learned about systems; you cannot copy them from others. It just won’t work for you the same it works for them. . . . → Read More: Systems… that actually work


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