We Are Going to Disney!!!

….Well in 2 years that is, BUT, we have $75.00 (soon to be 150.00) in our Disney fund and we are setting some goals to help realize our family dream vacation, Disney World!

This is a new series I’m starting on mommydreams.net! What is your dream….? Why, for no other reason than, it is . . . → Read More: We Are Going to Disney!!!

Special Interview!

I saw this idea floating around blogosphere and I HAD to do it because I have a feeling it will be one of my favorite posts of all time 😉

An Interview with Dillon’s (4 year old self)!

What is something Mommy always says to you? clean up

What makes mommy happy? when I do . . . → Read More: Special Interview!

Best Piece of Advice…

The best piece of advice I’ve received all week…stop procrastinating. Its not really that profound, is it? However, I’ve been procrastinating quite a bit for a couple of weeks.

Instead of putting my Christmas deocration boxes away in the storage hole, which requires pulling everything out, rearranging and organizing to get them all back in, . . . → Read More: Best Piece of Advice…

Why is that so hard?

Why is “giving” so hard, anyways, you ask?

Cause I am a in my comfort box kind a gal. If I have to take a couple steps out of my comfort zone, I get fearful. Fearful of starting and not finishing, fear of failing, fear of not doing it good enough, fear of disappointing. . . . → Read More: Why is that so hard?

First Post for a New Year

Home Sweet Home! A whirlwind of a couple of weeks. Lots of love, laughter and good times, but it is always so good to come home.

A brand new year! One would think the first post of the year would be profound and well thought out. This is not going to be that post.

. . . → Read More: First Post for a New Year


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