Life Lessons from the Kiddos- Slow Down!

I can’t slow down. I have a lot on my plate. There are things to get organized, put away, cleaned up, returned, 1/2 priced steals to find, places to pack for, and a car to load up.

There is grocery shopping to do, menus to plan, coupons to clip, and cookies to bake. . . . → Read More: Life Lessons from the Kiddos- Slow Down!

7 Quick Takes- December 17, 2010

1.) This week simply got away from me. Before I knew it, it was Wednesday. Then Thursday and oops it’s Friday. Its a busy time for everyone and I’m sure about this time next month I will not remember what was putting life on the fast track.

2.) I happened upon a blog that . . . → Read More: 7 Quick Takes- December 17, 2010

Missing One Thing.

I have talked quite a bit about why I love my “job” and the why behind my joy in being able to share in the day to day intricacies of my “babies” lives.

However, there is one thing that I really do miss about being a professional whom goes to work every day. I . . . → Read More: Missing One Thing.

Resolution Re-Cap

Did you know that 93% of all new years resolutions have failed by Jan 21st ?

Did you also know that I totally just made that up? Ha, Ha, Ha…I can’t help it.

I am still trying to make a point though, ok? This made up statistic is so true for any resolution . . . → Read More: Resolution Re-Cap


A list of a very full and fun month!

Advent Calendar Advent Wreath Cutting down the Christmas tree Decorating -Putting baby Jesus in the manager Breakfast with Santa Ginger Bread House Christmas Cookie Exchange Christmas Play Christmas Concert 6 (!) very different and very joyous Christmas celebrations Magic of Christmas Day circle Christmas Carol . . . → Read More: Christmas


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