Look at what landed in my lap last week!

This is cool to me for the mere fact that unless you stalk my information page on facebook or respond to a comment I made on another blog or are 1 of the handful of people I’ve even mentioned this blog to, you have no . . . → Read More: Lookie…Lookie

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving week is upon us, hurray! What family traditions do you have?

When I was growing up we went bowling every thanksgiving morning. We still do 20 some years later! Did you even know that bowling alleys were open on Thanksgiving? It is fun meeting friends and relatives, eat yummy food and knocking . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving Traditions

Piece of, huh?

“Mom, I want a snack”, I hear every afternoon right around 3:00 pm.

Followed up quickly by “can I have a piece of bread?”

Really? You want a piece of bread. Plain. Nothing on it. No butter, no jelly, not even toasted. (This is what I’m thinking to myself. )

“No, buddy. Do you . . . → Read More: Piece of, huh?

Some November Goals

Its only November 16th! There is still plenty of time left in the month. In October, I set a couple blogging goals for myself. I achieved 2 out of the 3. I count that as an accomplishment!

I just need a baby goal this month to help me keep up with this blog which I . . . → Read More: Some November Goals

Fruitless (with a capital F)

Maybe its because I’m recovering from a busy and fun (also with a capital F) weekend. Maybe its because I have been fueling myself with m & m’s for breakfast and snickers for lunch sprinkled in with other halloween candy for snacks. Or maybe its because I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed with life stuff that . . . → Read More: Fruitless (with a capital F)


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