I’ve had an unplanned off – line retreat the past few days. I am assuming because of the weather, our internet was down. At least for the first 12ish hours. I’m sure after that all I had to do was press a reset button or something silly like that..oops. I procrastinated calling the service because . . . → Read More: Off-line

Small Success

Because I have not much to say, but I want to write!

1.) Downloaded a Kindle for PC. I have 3 books on it that I can’t wait to dig into. Contemplating a kindle, but I don’t buy books. I just check them out from the library. I’m thinking it is an added/unnecessary expense right . . . → Read More: Small Success

Life Lesson from the Kiddos- Distraction

Is this just my family or yours too? If the TV is on, the kids eyes are GLUED to it. They could be watching a commercial for shaving your face yet still not be able to take their eyes off it. Me, on the other hand, can watch TV, check email, write a blog . . . → Read More: Life Lesson from the Kiddos- Distraction

Pep Talk… to Myself

If you read any blogs, you would assume this stuff is easy. It’s not. I’m just going to say, I kind of think it is hard. It has a huge learning curve, especially for a gal like me. I heart technology even though it took me eight hundred years to join the social media club . . . → Read More: Pep Talk… to Myself

Delivered Through (This One)

This post has been a long time coming. I’m not sure why because it has the most joyous ending! I’m so thankful.

We ended up in the hospital (again) a couple of months ago. Brayden, he’s 2. A normal busy kind of boy 2. He has had one speed since he starting walking at 11 . . . → Read More: Delivered Through (This One)


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