September is Here.

Certainly the last couple of weeks have “kicked my butt”.  I have cried more in the past 10 days than in the past 10 years combined. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but you get my point.  Wow, I’m thinking the big man is trying to refine me and it is H-U-R-T-I-N-G, ouch. 

However, that is not why I logged on.  I logged on to chat about the transition time of the year.  Like many families we are at the start of the new school year!  It brings along with it some changes to schedules so why not throw in a couple of other changes to try?  We have recently finished with our “family meeting” and here are some of the ideas we came up with. 

1.  We worked on modifying our house rules for the boys.  As well as set up individual chores and things to work on.  For example, our 4 year old is having a hard time losing.  Its pretty out of control and well, embarrassing.  So he is working on his sportsmanship.  Yep, he learned a new word and what it means.  We’ll see how it goes.  This is a pretty common thing we do as it sets really clear expectations, yes even for a 2 year old.  We write everything out and hang them on the kids door to act as a visual reminder for them.  It works well thus far.

2.  I wish there was a less corny way of saying this, but I could not think of anything else so enjoy the corny.  We put into play a family fun day.  Once a month, one person gets to choose an activity that they want to do as a family.  See what I mean?  I wish there was a cool way of naming this other than “family fun day”.  Any ideas? First up is Sept. and the activity has not been chosen yet, but its on the calendar.  Maybe this will act as kind of a reward for seriousness of #1.  I am seeing in our future ice cream outings, bowling, miniture golfing and pumpkin patches.  Fun!

3.  We have finally embarked on teaching the kids about money.  This is not my idea and I learned about it years ago at a beloved MOPS meeting.  The boys have cans they put any earned or gifted money in separated by give, save and spend.  Update later after I see how it goes.  Ya know, 4 yr. olds and 2 yr olds don’t have that much money coming in and they certainly have no allowance coming in from their parents, nonetheless, a life skill that will serve them greatly throughout their lives..don’t ya think?

4.  Lastly, we talked about implementing a family prayer evening in which we simply read from the children’s bible as a family one time a week.  this is UN-NATURAL for any of us to do.  My hope is it becomes a habit and a second nature kind of a thing.  So far its been 2 weeks and we have yet to actually follow through with that idea.  Any advice out there from families that already pray together?  While your at it can you tell me any benefits/advantages you’ve seen from family prayer time?

I actually have 1 more thing to implement with my little guys, but no wheels have been set in motion and I don’t want to blab in case I chicken out about this one. Its bound to stretch me more than the kids.  I guess I’ll leave ya hanging on this one 😉

What kinds of schedule/changes/family stuff do you have going on?

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