A Spiritual Experiment

I’m constantly looking for more ways to get more out of my spiritual journey. I heard of an idea once, well, that is not really true. I first heard of the idea and thought: “Yeah, that would be a neat thing to try”. The second time I heard the same idea I thought “Yeah, . . . → Read More: A Spiritual Experiment

My Journey Home (part 1)

This post is so hard to write because I am so sensitive to all those “mommy wars” out there. So before I begin with this story, I have to clarify that I don’t think because this is my story that it is the only right way. There are so many working moms out there . . . → Read More: My Journey Home (part 1)

Gratituesday-Small Amounts Adding Up

It is Tuesday, isn’t it? Well, this is my first time participating in Gratituesday hosted at heavenlyhomemakers.com. I don’t know why. Gratitude is such an awesome habit that I try and make a daily attitude around our little corner of the world. Being grateful is just plain ole one of my favorite things to . . . → Read More: Gratituesday-Small Amounts Adding Up

Time and Worries

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, is that the saying? I am a worrier and I come by that honestly. I won’t name any names, but one of my parents worries too. Lately, this worry has been a bit more consuming then I’d like. I know in my head it is pointless. . . . → Read More: Time and Worries

Just another day

How’s this checklist:

Child with diarrhea….check Crayons on the wall….check Crayons on the new carpet….check Child with bloody nose…..check Clogged/overflowed toilet…check

Aren’t you glad you popped over today?

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Game Day

Nope, not sports. Its hot in these parts. You’d only want to be outside if its earlier than 9:00am or you are poolside. Its that hot. So here is what we played this morning!

Hot Lava The boys and covered the family room with place mats. The carpet was lava and we could not . . . → Read More: Game Day

Survive the chaos, enjoy the other moments.

That’s been my motto of late. Ever since vacation things seem out of sorts around here. It is so nice to go somewhere, get out of the routine and spend some time playing. I AM thankful, however, with toddlers in tow, things are harder and less vacation like. Its more like constant work…in a good . . . → Read More: Survive the chaos, enjoy the other moments.

Worth Reading Round-Up

Every now and again I read a good article/post or something that I think would be worth reading. I thought I would just post the links in a round up and hope they add something to your day.

This awesome lady is one of the most successful people I’ve ever seen online. She runs a . . . → Read More: Worth Reading Round-Up

Pieces that come together

Why did I start blogging anyways? Well…that is a really good question, but it all started around 7 months ago. Here how it came about:

I remember reading a good book that I got a lot out of in college called, the Rhythm of Life and the author is Matthew Kelly. I would refer . . . → Read More: Pieces that come together

What I love about my J-O-B

Its hard to get back into the swing of things after being unplugged for so long. This is where you need some post ideas, but I’ve got nothing. My brain is a little bit like mush still. So I’ll just do another one of these posts series to help get me back in to production . . . → Read More: What I love about my J-O-B


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