Perfection doesn't exist, but whining never helps either

Oh yowzers, I have just read a number of posts about differing versions of not being able to hold up to some certain standard of what their personal life should look like. The attitudes/tones of these posts are ones of feeling burdened, overwhelmed, tired, irritable. In general a mess, really. Those things are part of . . . → Read More: Perfection doesn't exist, but whining never helps either

Passion, Huh?

You’ve heard it over and over, if you just follow what you are passionate about…

1. You’ll enjoy what you do and it won’t feel like work. 2. You’ll become a raving success and an expert in your field. 3. You’ll build wealth and bask in all your glory.

That easy, huh? But what is . . . → Read More: Passion, Huh?

Practical Ways

There are so many reasons I love to read other people’s blogs. Among them getting motivated, being inspired, learning new things such as yummy recipes (some even healthy), mentorship, gaining tips about topics, buying creative and unique books or crafts, gaining spiritual knowledge and the list goes on. If I ever get around to it . . . → Read More: Practical Ways

Small Successes

Maybe this is a topic you might be able to relate to? If in my mid 20’s someone were to ask me where I envisioned myself in 5-10 years, I would have said “not here, somewhere different, somewhere more”. In college, we all have ideas of what our careers, family, homes, vacations (life) would look . . . → Read More: Small Successes

Normal Days

There are some days that run so smoothly. They are productive. You have lots of energy and your attitude is great! I love those days, they make me feel like I am on the “right path”. I wish life were made up of only “one of those days”. I really wish I could always say . . . → Read More: Normal Days


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